Metabolic & Anti-aging Doctor, Dr. Stone reveals......

How A New Discovery From United States Seems To Burn Off Belly Fat For Almost Everybody Who Tries It!

Dear friend,

My name is DR. Reginald Stone and I have been a Metabolic and Antiaging specialist for thirty two years. Perhaps you have you jave heard of me as a specialist doctor working for various famous celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Whatever, the reason I mention all this because everybody I know in the entertainment business is vitally concerned with their looks, their health, and especially their weight! And that's why I am very happy to announce a brand new secret that is being introduced by my friend Todd Pittman.

So, if you have a problem with your belly fat and weight, you should definitely beware of this product. I use it myself and I think it's incredible. It's made a big difference in my life. Not only have I lost weight, I also have a lot more energy. This is also what I am currently using with all my clients who have a busy schedule in Hollywood! Anyway, here is the original article Todd has written for the whole world audience. Please read it carefully.

DATELINE PHOENIX, AZ: If you would like to burn that stubborn belly fat and drop pounds on your weight , then you should know about a man from Madagascar, an island on the coastlines of Indian Ocean.

The name of the man from Madagascar is DR. Albert Tabera and, in a couple of minutes , I,m going to tell you about what he did in a 4 week transfer to the United States to teach American Doctors about medical practices back in his country. However before I tell you about him, let me tell you a little about this new diet Dr. Tabera is using.

First of all, it seems there are certain kinds of unique mangoes that only grow in African coastal countries. These mangoes are very rich in calcium and iron and their seeds contain antioxidant and are shown to trigger a thermal effect that raises the core body temparature.

Combined with other products in particular quantities such as an extract from the Madagascan Seed weed called Fucoxanthine, leaves of the Moringa tree and Citrus bioflavanoids researchers now believe that this mixture is the ultimate solution for people who want to lose belly fat and drop significant serious pounds from their bodies. They called this mixture the Todd Fix.

According to seven different clinical studies done by American Clinical Association, Journal of Applied Physiology and The international Journal of Obesity the overall cause of fat deposition in the body tissues is the slowing metabolism as age increases as a result in drop in the core body temparature.

Core body temparature is the natural temparature that maintains the working of your internal organs. This includes your digestive organs, fat breakdown cells, and every tissue in the body. It stays constant throughout regardless of changes in the external temparature and is not measurable with the regular thermometer.

One study conducted in 2018 by Switzerland researchers measured the core body temparature of 4,224 people men and women over 40 years. They discovered that overweight people had a much lower core body temparature than slim people.

Another study done in Scotland measured core body temparatures of people with an average age of 54 years and found the same results. Overweight people tend to have a slow metabolism which uses no energy, increases more urge to food and stores more fat similar to a bear hibernating in winter.

American Clinical Association showed that for each drop in core body temparature metabolism slows 13% which triggers more calories intake through stimulating hunger mechanisms.

Dr. Parsonnet gathered core readings from past 180 years and found out that our core body temparatures have been dropping by 0.09°F every decade which have seen metabolism slowing as years increase.

According to the above scientific research Todd's Fix does five different things that help melt that stubborn belly fat and help people lose inches around their waist thighs, tighten those loose arm flabs and melt unnecessary fat stores:

(1) African Mango Seeds

have the unique ability

to raise your slowing metabolism, encourage

good cholesterol and

support healthy blood sugar.

Here is what it says about this in the scientific literature: People over ………subjects utilizing a 3mg/kg oral dosage level of component contained in mango seed supports healthy blood sugar by up to 25%, supports good cholesterol and triggers a thermal effect in the body that stabilizes the core body temperature.

(2) Fucoxanthin is

scientifically proven

to normalize your

core body temperature

and improve metabolism

Fucoxanthine, a pigment fond in unique sea weed in Madagascan coastlines, improves blood glucose levels by 20%, supports a healthy live and bones and normalizes your core body temperature.

(3) Moringa tree extracts

detoxify your body

and triggers the thermal balancing effect on

your core body temperature.

Moriga is an exotic tree found in some African countries and is mainly used for traditional medicine by traditional tribes. Extracts from its leaves are very rich in vitamins A,B and C which compose it's antioxidant properties.

(4) Citrus bioflavanoids

diminish craving by

improving your hunger mechanisms

Citrus bioflavanoids are extracted from a fruit know as Bigarade orange. These oranges are rich in antibacterial properties, act as antioxidants and also help fix your core body temperature.

(5) These extracts have now been combined

in a veggie capsule

form together with

other key nutrients

that stimulate regeneration of your

core body temperature

to breakdown fat

deposits stored

in your body tissues

The veggie capsule mentioned above is called Todd's Fix and consist of all key nutrients which dramatically assist in the rapid burn off of excess body fats plus the almost immediate excretion of excess body fluids.

What it boils down to is that Todd's Fix may very well be the answer to all your prayers if you have stubborn belly fat and weight problem. Here are some comments from letters from people (including medical doctors) who have already tried this remarkable product.

"I am writing to thank you for inventing your amazing Todd's Fix. Over the past 15 years I have tried every diet conceivable with no success. I am pleased to inform you that Todd's Fix have succeeded where all others have failed and I am ecstatic over your product. In 6 weeks I have lost 21 pounds along with 10inches I've been carrying for years and it was so easy."

-Mrs. Ella Wyne

Colorado, US

"My husband has lost 20 pounds and some inches. My teenage daughter has lost four inches off her waist and six inches off her hips and butts and has lost 12 pounds. I myself have lost 42 pounds and have gone down almost two sizes in some of my clothes."

-Mrs. Gabriela

Los Angeles, California

" I have lost 38 pounds in 2 months with Todd's Fix. I have energy, improved sexual drive and overall feel of wellness."

-David Mcdoff, M.D.

Cleveland, Ohio

" I noticed the flab under my chin and on my arms and sides just slowly disappear. As I progressed with Todd's Fix, the pounds started to come off about three to five pounds per week. I also noticed a very significant surge of energy and a feeling of well being."

-Ms. Esme , N.O.

Tacoma, Washington

"This letter is in reference to your product Todd's Fix. As a Family Practitioner I have had experience with many patients who have been involved with various weight loss products. Most products that require prescriptions I have found to be unacceptable in terms of possible side effects and ill effects, and those currently over the counter are also unacceptable, with exclusion of Todd's Fix which is not only effective, but it is safe and very unique in it's mode of action. I am recommending Todd's Fix not only to patients, but to my nursing staff and family as well."

-Dr. Charles A. Stuart

Scottsdale, Arizona

That's enough for now. I have many more letters like this in my files and I get new ones nearly every day. The point is simple:


Not only does it work, it works so well, I am offering an iron-clad money-back guarantee to anybody who uses it for 60 days without experiencing a very significant and dramatic weight loss.

How can I make such a strong guarantee? The answer is simple. You see, in addition to the four elements, my Todd's Fix also contain eleven other key nutrients that almost force you to lose weight. Here are the names of those nutrients and a brief description of how they work:

Yam extract and protein complex: made from Mexican yams and bovine adrenal glands, this blended food supplement may support the adrenals in reducing fat synthesis and slowing the aging process.

Vitamin B6: also known as pyridoxine this nutrient reduces excessive water retention. It is also one of the co-factors involved in appetite regulation

Apple Pectin, Bigarade Orange and Psyllium Husks: these are fruit, vegetable and grain fibers that absorb water in the stomach , swelling to many times their size and creating a feeling of fullness. They also may help balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol and aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

Vitamin B5: This a vital component in Coenzyme A which plays a central role in energy production. It may also aid tissue elasticity during weight reduction.

L-Cysteine: this nutrient may aid in detoxification of the body which can be beneficial in weight loss programs.

Zinc Picolinate: this is another nutrient that aids in detoxification and assists tissue elasticity.

O.k. that's it. Now you know what's in the product, how it works and what other people(including three doctors!) have to say about this amazing belly fat breakthrough. You also have my iron-clad, legally binding personal and corporate guarantee that I will give you an immediate refund of every penny you paid if, after 30 days, you have not experienced a safe and very dramatic loss of excess body fat.

The rest is up to you. The price of Todd's Fix starts at $39 for a whole month supply and it's easy to order. First of all you don't have to send any money. All you have to do is pick up your phone and text "Todd's Fix" with your name and email address to 1-646-343-5738. When the nutritionist gets your message she will contact you to get your order or answer your queries

That's all there is to it. Your will be sent to you quite promtly. After that, you are the judge. If after 30 days, you are not 100% satisfied (for any reason at al) simply send back the empty product container and you will receive an immediate refund of every penny you paid with no questions whatsoever.


L.N. Jefferson


RMgrandeur PH

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